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4Tracks: #109-122 - Download here

It's getting bluesier by the hour. Winter in America is is not to be underestimated. A fair amount of contemporary tracks and re-issues. Google them to find a retailer. Also a certain domination of Fender sound. Bobby Bobo is this issues midwestern favorite newcomer. Fingers crossed, stay warm and play loud. For now, Bo-Tex.

The Wailers - Hang Up
Hipbone Slim - Bury he Hatchet
Wade Curtis - Rompin
Long John Hunter - Hey Mrs Jones

Carl Perkins - Her Love Rubbed Off
Charlie Feathers - Rain
Bloodshot Bill - Leave Me Alone
Ding Dongs - Until I Die

Junior Wells - Lovey Dovey Lovey One
Dewell Everette - You Talking About Trouble
Bobby Bobo - Doggone Long Gone Blues
Bobby Bobo - Stamps

Chris Columbo Quint - Minerology
Cecil Youg - Fish Net
Vince Guaraldo Trio - Samba De Orpheus
Chris Columbo Quint - Summertime

Link Wray - Vendetta
Rhytm Rockers - Real Cool
Lyres - Security
Andre Williams - Daddy Rolling Stone

The Cadets - Love Bandit
Knights Of the Round Table - Big Tears
Bobby Hendricks - Psycho
Ral Donner - Girl of my best Friend

The Church Keyes - Peephole
Andre Williams - Monkey Speaks
John Lee Hooker - Take Me As I Am
Bloodshot Bill - High and Dry

Jessie Clarence - John Henry
Lightnin Slim - Just Made 21
Walter Daniels - Rocking In The Graveyard
Jack Starr - Chicken

Jimmy Mullins - Pleading
R L Burnside - Georgia Women
Ross Johnson - Wet Bar
King Kahn BBQ - Plump Righteous

Roy Looney - Stop it Baby
Soledad Brothers - Shake Puddey
Dan Sartain - Gun vs Knife
Andre Williams - Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Rosie Mitchell - Baby Pleas Dont Go
Etta James - Nobody Loves You Like Me
Blanche Thomas - You Ai'nt So Such A Much
The Clovertones - Didn't It Rain

Jimmy Hughes - Steal Away
Ann Cole - Each Day
Pauletta Leemen - Train
Linda Gail Lewis - Break Up The Party

The A Bones - The Claw
Link Wray - Jack the Ripper
Dan Sartain - Perverted Justice
Neanderthals - 2000Lb Werewolf


Heads Up
4Tracks: #101-108 - Download here
This time around 4Tracks has focused on clean american fun. A range of Country, RnB to Blues and Rockabilly makes this the most Am-strict issue so far. In the crates are a few classics from Kristoffersen and Haggard, listen close to the intro of To Beat The Devil. A shout out to our late Mr Cash. Another dark trucker song is the Wreck On The Highway. Keep the prayers coming. If you ever want to turn a soul fool onto Coutry, well Linda Martell is your girl. A personal favorite is the swamp classic from Charles Sheffield. As for the more rock oriented listeners, make note of Big Mama Hornton and the resemblance to The Rose - or is it the other way around? Final note, watch out for that Quicksand. It's very catchy. With My Soul Is My Witness (what a bonus) I leave you, for now, Bo-Tex.

Terry Fell - Truck Driving Man
Hank Snow - The Golden Rocket
Stanley Brothers - Rolling On Rubber Wheels
Grandpa Jones - Eight More Miles To Louisville

Reno & Smiley - Interstate 81
Cowboy Copas - Wreck on the Highway
Hawkshaw Hawkins - Sunny Side of the Mountain
Kris Kristoffersen - To Beat The Devil

Linda Martell - Colour Him Father
Hank Thomson - Next Time I Fall In Love
Hank Locklin - Followed ...
Merle Haggard - Branded Man

G 'Davy' Crockett - Look OUt Mabel
Dog Gaddy - Evil Man Blues
Charles Sheffield - Is Your Voodo Working
Varetta Dillard - Scorched

Lloyd Price - Question
Marvin Gaye - What Good Am I
Mitty Collier - Together
The Platters - WontUBeMyFriend

Brooks Brown - Sleeping In A Ocean Of Tears
Charlie Brown - Rocking Blues
L J Smith - If Its Too Late
Big Mama Hornton - You Did Me Wrong

Pee Wee King - I Dont Mind
Macy Skipper - Quicksand Love
Tommy Mitchell - Jukebox Help
Silva Tones - Roses Are Blooming

Mickey Hawks - Cotton Picking
The Gems - Slave Girl
The Tornadoes - The Slide
The Legends - High Wall

Austin Coleman - My Soul Is My Witness

4Tracks: #95-100
4Tracks are in all silence rounding of the year, leaving the land of two digits behind. The bag is loaded with stuff from the new world, some dog rusty 78's that still manage to sing, a few contemporary numbers and some leftovers from a previous sessions. I have also dug out some M. V. Peebles that I thought would fit nicely in. A black Tom Waits Harlem style. Play them all here or download them to your player of choice. Whatever you do, live up, happy new year and for the love of sound, keep it down. Bon-tex.

Radio IChing - Track 07
Melvin Ven Peebles - Mirror Mirror
Lee Hazlewood - Wait and See

Howard Roberts - Turista
Radio IChing - Track 09
Melvin Ven Peebles - U Can Get Up
Marvin Pontiac - Pancakes

Lillian Miller - Dead Drunk
Geeshie Wiley - Pick Poor Robin
Esther Phillips - No Headstone
The Gaylettes - Thats How Stong My Love Is

Wilbert Harrison - My Heart
Larry Hurt - Freight Train
Ernest Tubbs - Walking The Floor
Radio IChing - Track 03

Teddy Greaves- May Poppins
The Karate Boys - Karate
Wally Richardson - Monday Monday
Bill Parker - Im Gonna Put My Head Down

Memphis Minnie - Where Is...
Sanford Clark - Son Of A Gun
Lee Hazlewood - Forget Marie
Arthur Prysock - Through With Love

Going Gone
4Tracks: #87-94
To pick up from last time, we went down. And since then we have moved to the land of the free. This is the belated departure selection. All American Joy. Gems from a dirty Mr Williams, a solid 4 tunes from the Atomic era, more gloomy RnB, check your Graveyard! We also move into some contemporary RnR and some antiquated vibro-hussling. There is some cheating involved but I cant tell you more. For the love of sound, keep it down. Gob-Tex.

C.J And The Casuals – Study Hall
Jimmy Oliver – The Sneak
Koko Taylor – Wang Dang Doodle - Single Version
Andre Williams – Only Black Man In South Dakota

The Hollywood Persuaders – Drums A-Go-Go
Screamin' Jay Hawkins – I Hear Voices
Link Wray – Genocide
Bob Vidone And The Rythmrockers – Weird

Andre Williams – Car With The Star
Knoxville Girls – Virginia Ave
The Detroit Cobras – Breakaway
Elias Hulk – Nightmare

Tarheel Slim – Too Much Competition
Junior Parker – Mystery Train
Tony Middleton – Blackjack
Janis And Her Boyfriends – Bang Bang

Hank Williams – No No Joe
Sons of the Pioneers – Old Man Atom
Slim Gaillard – Atomic Cocktail
The Buchanan Brothers – Atomic Power

Lionel Hampton – Jack The Bellboy
Frantics – Werewolf
Sam Baker – Do Right Man
Lattimore Brown – Only I Can Tell The Story

Art Grayson – Love Is Hurt
Lonnie and Floyd – I Pledge
The Blenders – Graveyard
Johnny Powers – Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips

J.J. Barnes – Won't You Let Me Know
Merle Spears – Ain't No Need
Harvey Hill Jr. – She Fool Me
Eagles Of Death Metal – Midnight Creeper

Hard Work
4Tracks: #82-86

Baba Brooks - Cocktail for Two
Soul Brothers - Boogaloo
The Blue Beats - Roaring
Rico Rodrigez - Soul of Africa

Roland Alphonso - Wolverton Mountain
Sound Pressure- Sound Brothers
Dakota Allstars - Call Me Master
Slim Smith - Only Soul Can Tell

Roland Alphonso - Jerico Chain
Buster All Stars - 7 Wonders
Jackie Opel - I Am What I Am
Jackie Mittoo - Can I Change...

Charlie Ace - Silver & Gold
Laurel Aitken - Babylon Gone
The Paragons - Equality And Justice
The Upsetters - The Result

Randy All Stars - Your The One
Bob Marley - Mr Brown
Carl Dawkins - Natural Woman
The Upsetters - Nicoteen (Mr Brown Version)

On Al Four Pt II
4Tracks: #76-81

Young Holt LTD - Rubber Lips
Dave Lee - Up On The Hill
Dennis Coff - River Rouge
Delights Orch - Midnight Ride

The Masquerades - The Grass
Darrow Fletcher - In The Way...
Darrow Fletcher - I Like The Way
Von Ryan's Xpress - Squat Pot

Chuck Bernard - Funny Changes
George Perkins - Grove making
Willie Parker - You Got Your...
Jimmy Thomas - The Beautiful Night

Lee Bernard - Turn Around
Willie Parker - Live The Life
Chuck Bernard - Every Hurt
George Perkins - How Can...

Carl Perkins - This Life I Live
John Fred - Boogie Children
Jerry Hawkins - Cha Cha Chu
Ronnie Hawkins - Need Your Luvn

Sheb Wooley- Somebody Please
Sanford Clark - Sing 'Em Some Blues
Ronnie Hawkins - Need Your Luvn
Elmore James - Talk To Me Baby

On Al Four Pt I
4Tracks: #70-75

Thurston Harris - Purple Stew
Charlie Feathers - Jungle Fever
Sanford Clark - Ohh Baby
Glen Glenn - Everybodys Moving

Jay McShan - Hand's Off
Sarah Vaughn - Johnny Be Smart
Titus Turner - Bla Bla Cha Cha
Percy Mayfield - The Hunt Is On

Dumas King - Wish Youd...
Ella Johnson - Well Do It
Lloyd Price - No Limit
Gloria Walker - Talking About My Baby

Patsy Cline - Stronger Than...
Lefty Frizzel - Making Believe
Percy Mayfield - Bluest Blues
Percy Mayfield - Cooking In Style

Ska Champions - My Tears
Alton Ellis - Dance Crasher
Lee Perry - Turn Me On
Chuck Berry Jr & The Upsetters - Pennywise

Twinkle Brothers - All My Enemies Beware
Earl 16 - No Mash Up the Dance
Sugar Minott - This Old Man
Silvertones - Come Forward

One Roof Pt III
4tracks: #66-69

Walter Foster - Waitin'
Dion De Muchi - Chicago Blues
Walter Foster - Seasrch Is Over
Ben E King - I Cant Break The News

Marvin Gaye / Tammi Terrell- Little Ole Boy, Little Ole Girl
Gene West - In The Ghetto
Funkadelic - Music For Mother
Big Black - Long Hair

Marlena Shaw - Brother Where Are You
The Sensations - I Wont Be Hurt
The Vontastics - Peace Of Mind
The Bermudas - Chu Sen Ling

Coleman Hawkins - Crazy Rhythm
Big Mabelle - Jim
Lee Hazlewood - Love & Crimes Pt II
Astrology Rec Corp.- Pisces

One Roof Pt II
4tracks: #61-65

Tropics Of Cancer - Sylvia's Garden
Lee Hazlewood - She Comes Running
Suzi Hokomi - Need All Help I Can Get
The Royaltones - Lonely World

The Royaltones - Taco
Eddie & Bettie - Sat N Fish Fry
Keytones - La Do Da Da
The Midniters - The Mid Feeling

Tommy Dee - Dragon Fly
The Wailers - Roadrunner
Rusty Isabell - Firewater
Dale Hawkins - High School Education

Panics - Daydream
The Lovers - Security
Clue J & The Blues Busters - Pine Juice
Charlie Organair - Little Village

Starnger Cole & The Seraphines - Chances
Byron Lee - Musical Pressure
Lester Sterling - Reggae On Broadway
The Techniques - What Am I To Do

One Roof Pt I
4tracks: #56-60

The Islanders - Blue Rain
Bo Diddley - Aztec
Chuck Berry - Havana Moon
The Triumphs - Joust About

Jerry Wald - Moon Over Miami
Plas Johnson - Robbins Nest
Ray Johnson - Warsaw Concerts
Sonny Lester - Summer

Nancy Sinatra - Love Eyes
The Downbeats - I Cant hear You
2 Of Clubs - Walk Tall
Dobie Gray - In Hollywood

Helmut Zacharias - Tokyo Theme
Al De Roy - Oh Calcutta
Bill Cosby Instrumental - GI Henderson
Universal Orchestra - Time

Nino Nardini - Poltergeist
Galt McDermott - Ripped Open
DJ Shadow - Dark Days Theme
Gary Bartz - Dr. Follows Dance

Gold Green
4tracks: #50-55

Sugar Minott - Jah Love U
Horace Andy - Just Say Who
Roy Richards - Freedom Blues
Sound dimension - Little Girl

Carlton Livingston - Deported
Phil Burell - Another Version
Gregory Isaac - Mr Know It All
King Tubby - Love Up Version

The Paragons - Satisfaction
Roland Alphonso - I Should Have Known Better
Marcia Griffiths - Tell Me Know
Tommy McCook - Love is A Treasure Version

Cocoa Tea - Tell Me When
Hopeton Lewis - Shure Shot Mix
Chuck Turner - Tears
Gregory Isaac - You Can Have Bits

Johnny Osborne - Icecream Sound
Freddie McGregor - Whe Dem Tek
Junior Reid - Friend Enemy
Nitty Gritty - Dollars

King Tubby - Play Fool Version
Studio One - Pirates Anthem
Ringo - Trouble Never Set Like Rain
Coxone - Rub-a-dup party Version

Mighty Blue
4tracks: #45-49

Andrew Williams - Jailbait
The Chamber Bro's - Blues Get Of My Shoulders
George Perkins - Cryin In The Streets pt. 2
Marion Black - Who Knows

Betty La Vette - He Made A Woman Out Of Me
Freddie Hughes - I Love You
Funk Inc - Dirty Red
Junior Parker - Taxman

Kool & The Gang - North South East West
Jack McDuff - Mystic John
Eric Kloss - Close Your Eyes
Cannonball Adderly - Gemini pt2

The Owen-Baron 4 - The Night...
Gene Ammons - Jungle Soul pt2
Cannonball Adderly - Aries
Ben Sidra - Lust

The Whitfield Brothers - Prowlin
Rev. Jay - Overnight Low
Friends - Soul Heaven
Tarheel Slim / Little Ann - Much Too Late

Ska N'Reggae
4tracks: #38-44

The Soul Mates - Hippys Are Coming
Jackie Mittoo - Clean Up
The Heptones - Suspicious Minds
Alexander Henry - Please Be True

Carl Dawkins - Satisfaction
Hopeton Lewis - Sound & Pressure
Tommy McCook- Sound And Soul
The Wailers - Nice Time

The Wailers - Rude Boy
The Wailers - Put It On
Lee Perry - Doctor Dick
Derreck Morgan - Dont Call Me Daddy

The Vikings - This Way
Buster Blank - My 45
Ruddy And Sketto - Abc
Roland Alphonso - Four Corners

Tommy McCook - A Little Bit...
Lester Sterling - Hot Cargo
The Wailers - I Am Going Home
The Ethiopians - Live Good

The Wailers - Hypocrites
The Paragons - So Much Pain
The Rulers - Wrong Emboyo
Tommy McCook - Barbwire Wire Version

The Jamaicans - Peace & Love
Tommy McCook - Moonlight Groover
Derrick Harriot - Psychedelic Train
Derrick & Patsy-hey Boy

John Holt - Love I Can Feel
The Heptones - Be A Man
Juda Eskender - Rasta Tell You
Pat Kelly - How Long

Rock N'Western
4tracks: #31-36

Kapers - Aligator Wine
B B - Trip To Bandstand
Sanford Clark - Love Charms
Ray Stanley - Pushin'

Andy Dio - Rough And Bold
Dorsey Burnette - Great Shaking Fever
Carl Perkins - One Of These Days
Sanford Clarke - Lou Be Doo

Eddie Noack - Thinking Mans Girl
The Fendermen - Heartbreaking
Carl Belew - 24 Hour Night
Dale Hawkins - Grandmas House

Georgia Lynn - Once A Day
Loretta Lynn - Your Squaw Is On The Warpath
Wanda Jackson - I Wanna Know
Mello-tones - Outside The Door

Jimmy Work - Diggin My Own Grave
Sanford Clark - Calling All
Eddie Noack - A Thinking Mans Woman
Sanford Clark - It Hurts Me Too

The Wailers - High Wall
The Comancheroes - T P
The Royaltones - Wail!
Soul-men - Road House

Rythm N'Bruise
4tracks: #24-29

Earl Curry - One Whole Year Baby
Willis Jackson - Call Of Gator
Fugitives - Freeway
Joe Newman 6 - Father's Nest

Willie Mabon- Too Hot To Handle
Wyonie Harris - All She Wanto Do
Deedee Sharp - Wild
Dee & Lola- We Belong Together

The Casinos - Then You Can Tell
James Carr - She Is Better Than...
Clarence Ash - The Troubles...
Johnny Fuller - The Mighty Hand

Dean & Jean - I Wanna Be Loved
Dales Boys- The Big Jump
Esquire Boys - St Louis Blues
Lloyd Glen - Black Fantasy

Professor Longhair - Getting Out
Frankie Ford - Watch Dog
Sonny B Kings 4 - St Louis Blue
Lowell Fulsom - Baby

Mar-keys - Night Before
Lowell Fulsom - Stop N Think
Verna Rae Clay - Got It Bad
Joe Tex - I Want To Do...

The Love Chain - The Love Chain
The Soul Cop -i Keep Coming
Fred Huges - I Understand
Marlena Shaw - Brother Where Are You